Fitting Guide

This quick guide is intended to help you install your interlocking EVA stable mats from Equifloor UK.

You will need: Brush; Tape Measure; Chalk; Stanley Knife; Straight Edge (at least 1 metre).

1. Preparation

Prepare the stable by removing all contents and sweeping the floor. Equifloor EVA stable mats and solid rubber stable mats are suitable for stables with solid concrete, wooden and earth bases and they will adjust to uneven floors. However, we always advise you get the floor as flat as possible by checking for holes and cracks and filling with a fine gravel, available form most DIY stores.

2. Fitting

First, measure your stable width and depth. Ideally, you want to use as many full mats as possible to reduce the amount of cutting. If you are using Equifloor EVA stable mats, they will measure 120cm by 90cm. Decide whether to fit in rows (left to right) or columns (back to front) and with the long or short edge of the mats in order to use as many full mats as possible. We recommend you start laying your mats along the back wall of your stable and work forwards in rows. This ensures that if you do need cut the mats to fit, you are cutting the width of the mat instead of the length.

Should I leave a gap?

To be on the safe side, we recommend leaving a 2 inch (5cm) gap around the edge of your floor area to allow for expansion of the mats, which can occur in extremely dry conditions.

Fitting Guide - Equifloor UK

3. Cutting

Stable walls are often bowed and uneven. If you do need to cut your mats to fit the width of your stable, we recommend you do this by hand with the help of another person. Measure and mark the cut using a tape measure and a piece of chalk if you have them. Use a guide such as a spirit level or plank of wood at least 1 metre long and place it along the width of the mat with the other person holding it securely in place. Use a traditional Stanley knife with a sharp blade to make the cut.

Fitting Guide - Equifloor UK

4. Finishing

When you reach the front wall of the stable, you may need to make cuts along the length of the mats to fit. If you are using Equifloor EVA stable mats, we recommend stopping where the natural edge finishes at the front of the stable and re-using the straight edge strips for a straight finish. Alternatively, you can fit our EVA ramped edges, which reduce the trip hazard and provide a smart looking finish to the mats. Complete the install by adding a reduced amount of bedding material to the back of the stable.

5. Removing

On occasions is may be necessary to temporarily remove the stable mats (cleaning etc.). In this case, we strongly recommend returning the mats to exactly the same position to ensure any mats that have adjusted are paired correctly, thus reducing the risk of problems. Marking or numbering the underside of the mats as you remove them can help to achieve this.

You can order EVA Stable Mats from the Equifloor UK website: or by calling 01206 390 570.