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Equifloor Stable Mats Saddle Up At Milndavie Farm Riding Centre

Rubber Stable Mats at Milndavie Farm Riding Centre | Equifloor UK

Originally a 350 year old dairy farm nestled away in the most beautiful countryside in Strathblane, Milndavie Farm Riding Centre has been a family run riding school for over 50 years. Started by Marjory McNicol and run by her daughter Fiona and grand-daughter Yasmin, they cater for new riders, young riders and those getting back in the saddle. They offer an idyllic livery yard service, romantic in its historical surroundings and quaint stable features that used to be the milking parlour and barn.

As part of a mini refurbishment the centre sought to improve the comfort and insulation of its stables and barn area, whilst pre-serving the traditional features and appeal of the buildings. One of their priorities was to lay stable mats in the hope they would help reduce damp. However, due to the non-uniform size of some of the stables and partially uneven floors they needed a stable mat that would be easy to lay and flexible, whilst providing and strong bond.

Rubber Stable Mats at Milndavie Farm Riding Centre | Equifloor UK
Rubber Stable Mats at Milndavie Farm Riding Centre | Equifloor UK

Trot forward the interlocking 50cm Rubber Stable Mats by Equifloor UK. Part of their rubber stable flooring range, the smaller 50cm mat has the same interlocking edge design as its big brother (100cm) making it extremely fixed when laid. Being smaller it is well-suited to older stables with more intricate layouts. The rubber flexibility in the tile allows it to adapt over small distances without compromising its benefits of insulation and comfort.

“Having recently installed new stable mats from Equifloor to this historical stable building, I’m amazed at how they blend in, providing a warm comfortable horse flooring solution within a rustic ambience, without disturbing the balance of peace and tranquillity enjoyed by riders and equestrian staff alike.”

Fiona Aborida – Manager at Milndavie Farm Riding Centre

The Milndavie Farm Riding Centre were kind enough to send some pictures of their new-look stables with rubber stable mats and we think you’ll agree with how awesome it looks. Another happy flooring customer feeling the benefits of rubber stable mats form Equifloor UK!

Transform your stable today with Equifloor UK. Check out the range of stable mats from Equifloor UK at or call 01206 390570 to speak to a sales advisor who will make sure you get the right flooring for your needs.

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